If you live in the UK, and have the habit of turning on BBC 2 in the evenings, then you can’t help but notice that it’s Prom season.  The Proms, now in it’s 115th year, is the highlight of the year of classical music fans (like me), but even though I live literally a train ride from the Royal Albert Hall, I’ve never taken the opportunity to actually go there.

But not this year. I’ve made my mind up, this year I will go. To two. With the cheap £5 tickets. But a cheap £5 ticket to a BBC prom is still a ticket to a damn prom, so it counts!

The first one I have my eye on is on the 3rd of September – Mahler’s 1st Symphony. I love Mahler’s 1st Symphony so damn much. Especially the 2nd movement.

The second is on the 7th of September: Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring (you may know it as ‘The bit with the dinosaurs’ from Fantasia). Although it’s only half an hour long, it’s still worth a fiver to see it played live.

So really, it’s easy to pop into a prom if you’re anywhere in the area. Just get there early to queue up for the on-the-day £5 tickets, and you’re set!